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    Low usage is where the keys may be pressed once or twice a day (e.g. alarm panel)
    High usage is where the keypad is used every day for most of the day (e.g. Eftpos pinpad)
    Non harsh environment would be an office, harsh environment factory, petrol station etc.

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    Typical key hardness is 55 shore, which offers a reasonably hard button feel whilst maintaining
    good flexibility in the key skirt.

    Should you wish a key that feels very hard but need good flexibility so that the key will last for
    many actuations choose a 60 shore or greater keytop and 55 shore keypad base. If your keypad
    will also be used to seal the housing and you do not require a hard feel 30 or 40 shore hardness
    is the best solution.

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    Keytop Coatings:


    If your keypad will be used in a clean environment such as an office and will not be a high use
    application there should be no requirement for a coating unless it is for aesthetic purposes.
    In high use applications where the ink on the key could suffer from wear we recommend K-111
    wear resist coating.

    If you would like the keypad to have a 'hard plastic' feel and look Gloss Epoxy coating is a great
    option, which also assists stop ink wear.

    Key Travel:

    Most applications use a 1.3mm key travel.

    Where you need fast data entry choose 0.8mm travel.
    In applications where an accidental key press could cause problems (such as an alarm pin pad) use a longer key travel, typically 1.5 to 2.0mm.

    Some examples of key travel recommendations are:

    Eftpos Equipment: 1.0~1.5mm
    Alarm Panels: 1.5~2.0mm
    Calculators: 0.8~1.0mm
    Medical Equipment: 1.3~1.8mm

    If you are using your keypad over a pcb mounted switch please indicate the switch travel plus clearance between the bottom of the key and the top of the switch.

    Actuation Force:
    Appliance: Actuation Force (gms):
    Eftpos Equipment 150-200
    Audio Equipment 90–150
    Car Radio 150–250
    Computer Keyboard 50–90
    Remote Control 90–150
    Telephone 150–250
    Video 100–200
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