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Silicone rubber keypads, membrane keypads and touchscreens.

Specialists in silicone rubber keypads, membrane keypads and touchscreens.

The KEYFLEX Company was founded in 1993 to provide interface solutions for electronics manufacturers and to meet the growing demand for silicone rubber keypads, membrane keypads and touchscreens in the electronic manufacturing field and has become a leading keypad specialist supplier to the market.

The KEYFLEX Company is a renowned keypad specialist supplier, catering to the electronic manufacturing field's demand for silicone rubber keypads, membrane keypads, and touchscreens. Since our establishment in 1993, we have excelled in manufacturing top-notch products for over 25 years, solidifying our position as a leading keypad specialist.

As a dedicated keypad specialist, KEYFLEX Company takes pride in delivering high-quality silicone rubber keypads, touchscreens, and membrane keypads. Our extensive range of products and services includes design, manufacture, and supply, addressing the diverse needs of electronics manufacturers. Silicone rubber keypads, touchscreens, and membrane keypads have emerged as indispensable components in the electronic manufacturing industry, offering durability, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces across various applications.

At KEYFLEX Company, we understand the ever-evolving electronic market and prioritize staying at the forefront of technology and materials. With our team of experts, armed with deep knowledge and expertise, we constantly develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to effectively meet our customers' requirements.

Our silicone rubber keypads are meticulously engineered to ensure longevity and exceptional user experience. Crafted from high-quality materials, they exhibit remarkable resistance to wear and tear, making them ideal for demanding environments. Complementing our silicone keypads, our touchscreens incorporate the latest touch technology, guaranteeing precise and responsive performance across a wide array of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial controls.

In addition to our silicone keypads and touchscreens, we offer a diverse selection of membrane keypads and switches, including piezo keypads. These cost-effective solutions provide basic interface control, offering user-friendly functionality and easy maintenance for various applications.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at KEYFLEX Company, and we strive to deliver the best products and services in the industry. Our comprehensive range, encompassing design, manufacture, and supply, ensures that our customers receive tailored solutions that precisely meet their requirements. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer service has established us as a trusted and leading supplier of silicone rubber keypads, touchscreens, and membrane keypads within the electronic manufacturing industry.

Touch screens, membrane switches and silicone keypads

Keyflex are a specialist manufacturer of keypads and touchscreens. We offer design and manufacturing services for touchscreens, silicone and membrane keypads and custom switching interface solutions.

We provide interface solutions for electronics manufacturers. Designing and supplying silicone keypads, touchscreens, membranes switches & decals. In addition, peripheral interface materials and parts such as plastic mouldings, flexible circuits, diecast parts have added to our product lines.

Our client base consists of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers and product design engineers who we have been working with consistently over the course of many years for product supply and new development and design implementation. In addition, we have close associations with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most creative industrial designers. Should you have any further questions or wish to receive examples of our products that demonstrate our capabilities, please feel free to get in touch.

Demonstration Silicone Keypad Sample

Our silicone demo keypad is ideal for understanding the different forces, click-feel, coatings, hard caps and finishes available in silicone keypads. Please contact us with your design requirements and project details to arrange a sample demo keypad.