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Plastic tooling and part supply

Keyflex Plastic Injection Moulding

Keyflex manufactures parts and tooling for a wide range of thermoplastic materials such as Polycarbonate, ABS, Polyester and blends. Our expertise means that we are able to advise which material is best suited to your requirements. Over-moulding with TPR gives a rubber feel and impact resistance while our high quality precision parts also have a tight tolerance.

All plastic injection moulding items come in a wide range of colour options including most Pantone colours or silver-plating for a chrome look. Like all our products, plastic moulding can be created for a wide range of flexible designs and we can accept IGES, STEP, PARASOLID and other 3D formats or we can design the part to suit your requirements. When designing a keypad and plastic housing for your product, the ability to have the tooling and production of both parts done in one production plant eliminates problems created when one part does not fit correctly with the other, as the parts are carefully checked together during production, ensuring correct operation in the finished product.

Moulded plastic samples

Plastic injection design - Critical details

1. Draft Angle
2. Undercut
3. Wall Thickness (too thick or too thin)
4. Sharp Steel
5. Draft angle of  shut off area, the texture
6. Shrinkage
7. Miscellaneous Issues

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