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Laminated Display Windows

High Scratch Resistance, Contrast Enhancement Filters, EMC imbedded mesh

LCD filters are used in front of liquid crystal displays to protect the display surface and to offer antiglare properties.

At Keyflex we offer a range of custom sized LCD filters produced from Optolite and Optolite High Scratch Resistance (HSR) depending on the clients needs.


Specialising in design and manufacturing of:

  • Optical Filters

  • EMC and RFI Shields

  • Plastic and Glass Laminated Filters

  • Infrared Filters

  • Contrast Enhancement Filters

  • Diffuser Filters

  • Electronic Display Filters

  • Privacy Screens

  • LCD Filters

  • And moreā€¦

Optical windows and LCD filters

Optolite High Scratch Resistance

Optolite is a clear plastic with excellent optical characteristics, which ensures the viewability of the display will not be diminished. Available in a thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 8mm thick, and half-millimetre increments in between, the material can be cut to any shape or size. Print can be applied to the rear or front surface for enhancement of your product design. Optolite is available in a range of tinted colours as well as clear.

Optolite High Scratch Resistance is similar in all aspects to Optolite except that the material offers better scratch resistance for working environments where scratching due to frequent cleaning or inappropriate usage is a risk. Optolite HSR is 20 times more scratch resistant than acrylic whilst maintaining excellent optical transmission. In addition Optolite HSR has outstanding chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in the most demanding of applications.

Shielded Filter Windows

 are manufactured using Optolite or Optolite HSR and are used extensively to minimise radio frequency emissions generated by enclosed electronic equipment and to protect electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference arising from external sources.

The shielded filters operate by using a cast in highly conductive micro-fine wire mesh to attenuate EMI/RFI emissions. Different mesh thickness and sizes are available to suit a range of frequency and viewing requirements.

LCD Filters Technical Specifications

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