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Anti-Ligature Keypads

Customised Keypads and Switch Panels 

Designed for client-facing control in secure, medical and mental health applications and environments.

Vandal Resistant, Anti-Ligature Keypads

Our unique range of customisable keypads and switch panels have been specifically designed for use in mental health facilities and secure environments such as detention facilities and have been specified in applications and projects across the country. Our Anti-ligature Keypads are made of stainless steel or aluminium, have no moving parts and the highest impact rating of any switch panel on the market. Depending on the configuration required, they require no power or low voltage power requirements. designed control applications. Features include;

  • No moving parts

  • Aluminium or stainless steel construction

  • Recessed mounting positions.

  • Customisable from 2-20 switches

  • Customisable laser engraved graphics or text

  • Aluminium colour anodising

  • 3mm low profile off-the-wall height

  • Choice of output - Switched (matrix or com bus) or data (RS-232/485/USB)

  • Waterproof to IP68

  • High Impact rating to IK09

  • Rated for over 50M+ operations operations.

Maximize Security with Anti-Ligature Keypads and Switch Panels

In high-risk environments like mental health units and secure facilities, safety and control are paramount. Our Anti-Ligature Keypads and Switch Panels are engineered to meet these challenges. Crafted from durable materials, our vandal-resistant switches and panels are designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Anti-Ligature Keypad

Anti-Ligature A/V Controls for Mental Health Unit Control Panels

Our range includes Anti-Ligature A/V Controls, providing seamless operation in sensitive settings. These controls are integral to Mental Health Unit Control Panels, ensuring a safe and secure interface for both patients and staff. 

Secure Environment Switch Panels - Built to Last

For areas requiring the utmost security, our Secure Environment Switch Panels offer reliability and resilience. With a high impact rating and waterproof design, these panels are rated for over 50 million operations, guaranteeing longevity in any setting.

A design drawing of a customised anti-ligature keypad.
Customised Design Anti-Ligature Keypads

Rugged customised metal keyboards

Vandal Resistant Switches and Panels for Peace of Mind

Choose our Vandal Resistant Switches and Panels for peace of mind in any application. Their anti-ligature design minimizes risks, making them the ideal choice for facilities prioritizing safety and durability

Anti Ligature Keypad in Black Anodised Aluminium

Picture of black anodised aluminium Anti ligature keypad

Anti-Ligature Single Switch Units

Panel Mount Single Switches

We have a variety of off-the-shelf single switch units that can be incorporated into separate switch panels in various configurations.

Single key illuminated/non-illuminated in Latching/Toggle/ Continuous pressure configurations.