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KEYFLEX offer a full service for design and manufacture for custom labels, decal and membrane switches to compliment your equipment design and functionality. Using specific materials such as polyester, polycarbonate and polyurethane our decals are produced to withstand the application’s requirements. As with all of our product range we offer a full design and supply service incorporating artwork and mechanical drawings for all our decal and membrane. Where desired we can create prototypes using digital output and laser cutting to alleviate the need to create production tooling before the final design has been confirmed.

Our membrane switches can incorporate tactile switches for positive feedback, LEDs and can be supplied with terminating connectors. Clear windows for liquid crystal displays, electro-luminescent backlighting and a newly developed integrated LED light guide film can provide a thin film integrated backlight for graphics designed into your membrane panel or front panel decal in a similar thickness to standard membrane switch panels.

LGF (Light guide film) Backlit Membrane Keypads

The light guide film (LGF) brings integrated LED backlighting to membrane switches and front panel decals allowing text and full key illumination. Our LGF provides even light distribution across the keypad/decal front panel while keeping the thickness similar to standard membrane switch panels.

Outstanding Reliability

We test our membranes, materials and components for operational lifespan to give you peace of mind

This short clip shows an actuation test where the life cycle of the keypad components with movement, such as a metal snap dome and overlay can be stress tested. A design can achieve 1M+ actuations.


We are licensed for Duraswitch products so applications requiring rotary encoding, cursor control or ultra high reliability and endurance can be catered for.


Duraswitch products offer a durable and reliable alternative to the traditional membrane switch. Their thin profile design works without scraping, flexing, grinding or material compromise associated with traditional switches.

• 30 Million Plus Actuations
• Normally Closed / Open Safety Switch
• Tactile Feel Does Not Change
• Impossible to Tease
• High Impact-Vandal Resistant
• Large Key Option
• Dual Output
• Illumination Options
• Extreme Altitude / Temp.
• Peel & Place


  • Lowest Profile Encoder
  • Low Cost
  • Flat Panel Integration on Flex Circuits
  • Saves Power
  • 100,000 Rotations
  • Environmentally Sealed Circuit
  • Eliminates Through-Holes
  • Easily Integrated with Pushgate and Magnamouse
  • Multiple Codes and Indexing Options
  • No Soldering Required


  • Cursor Control – Ultra Thin
  • Over 1 Million Actuations
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Low Cost
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Self Centering
  • Integration
  • Low Profile
  • Digital or Analog
  • Used in Flat Panel Keypanels / Polyester
  • Rubber or Plastic

What material should I specify for decal and membrane switches?

See this post for an explanation on the different physical properties of various Overlay material (front layer material) Membrane material design

Circuit Layer

There are two basic types of circuit layers that are used in membrane switch assemblies, PET and FPC. PET is a polyester where the circuit is silver ink and applied to the base material in a screen printing process

FPC or flexible printed circuit

Is a polyimide (Kaptron) base with a copper etch for the circuit, similar to traditional PCB manufacture but in a much thinner format and allows for soldering of components and connectors.

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