KEYFLEX offer a range of touch screens designed to best suit your specific needs. The touch screen is a simple and natural input device for electronic equipment and PC systems. The touch interface is very easy to learn and use and is not as intimidating as other input devices. Touch is currently being used in an endless variety of applications in practically every industry.

As much of today’s electronic equipment utilises an LCD for graphic information, incorporating a touch screen as the user interface provides an effective solution to data input and can give the user easily understood operating instructions.

Applications that require the equipment to be reconfigured for different locations would normally need a complete new graphic panel and the costs that go with it if a traditional membrane switch is used. By using a touch screen the graphics can be reconfigured by some simple programming. This also negates the need to build & special& runs for these different locations, which means that standard equipment stock can be configured and shipped in much shorter lead times.

The KEYFLEX Company can assist with the design and supply of touch screens in either a standard or custom format. The touch screens come with controller board, cabling and Windows and DOS drivers. Where desired the touch screens can be supplied as a screen only. Input parameters such as actuation force and response time can be configured to suit most applications.

Each resistive touch screen is rated to three million actuations and is constructed in durable polyester, which can have an antiglare finish if desired. The screens can be used to seal out dust and moisture without affecting their performance.

The two types of touch screens available through KEYFLEX are resistive and capacitive, they are both available in kit form in a range of standard sizes. They are also offered complete with cabling, drivers and assembly fittings or they can also come pre-assembled into the monitor of your choice.

Resistive touch screens are available to suit most standard sizes for CRT and LCD monitors and can be created in custom sizes. Supplied either as kits including controller boards, cables and software or as a touch screen glass only, the resistive touch screens offer an excellent and cost effective solution for data input in many applications. Our resistive touch screens can be supplied as a gloss finish or with an antiglare top surface. Ideal for applications where the equipment is not used in harsh environments, the resistive touch screen can eliminate the need for keyboards and pointing devices.

Capacitive touch screens were developed to offer touch screen solutions in applications where the equipment may be exposed to some harsh usage, which could damage resistive touch screens. Offering excellent optical transmission of up to 92 percent, the capacitive touch screens are also available to suit most standard CRT and LCD monitors. In addition, the manufacturing process means most flat sizes can be produced.

One consideration when choosing capacitive touch screens is that the user must contact the touch screen glass with a finger, as gloves will prevent the touch screen from operating.

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