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Keyflex touchscreens

KEYFLEX touchscreens (resistive and capacitive) are designed to best suit your specific needs. The touch screen is a simple and natural input device for electronic equipment and PC systems. The touch interface is very easy to learn and use and is not as intimidating as other input devices. Touch is currently being used in an endless variety of applications in practically every industry.

Our production facilities consist of 2500 square metres of production floor dedicated to Keyflex ITO Touchscreens, of which 1500 square metres is class 1000 clean room and 150 square metres is class 100 clean room. As a full service touchscreen solution provider of custom touch screens, we design and manufacture touchscreen overlays and other associated integrated components. We offer touch screen designs suitable for all types of environments, applications and users. 

Keyflex touchscreens (resistive)

Keyflex resistive ITO touchscreens are a cost effective, durable and flexible solution for many applications for industrial, consumer devices and medical devices.

Our planar resistive touch technology is an enhancement of the conventional resistive touchscreen. Essentially, we can incorporate hardwired switching into the front surface of the resistive touchscreen. Planar switch panels are optically bonded to the resistive layer and invisible to the touchscreen user.

Keyflex ITO touchscreens can be manufactured in 4 wire, 5 wire and 8 wire resistive designs    

High Linearity Resistive Touch screens

A technical innovation in touch screen design eliminates issues that occur with smaller resistive touch screens. 

Projective Capacitive Touchscreens (PCT)

Projected capacitive touchscreens (PCT)
With PCT panels, a capacitance is generated between finger, touch panel surface & ITO coating When scanned sequentially, these form X-Y co-ordinates with differing capacitance levels between the layers providing the data to enable accurate recognition of the area touched on panel; 

Projected capacitive are commonly used for smaller screen sizes, PC tablets, mobile phones, hand-held instruments, Electronic books, GPS, information terminals, gaming machines etc. 

Capacitive Keyflex touchscreens

Capacitive touchscreens can sense specific touch locations. Capacitive touchscreens do not require force to be applied to the screen's surface for activation. Capacitive touchscreens are resistant to scratches and abrasion while leaving the responsiveness of the touch screen unaffected. Capacitive touch screens are ideal for multi touch applications. The display can recognize more than one point of contact commonly seen such as pinch-to-zoom in or out.

Resistive Keyflex touchscreens

Resistive touch screens can be provided with or without a surrounding front decal. Resistive touch screens offer an excellent and cost effective solution for data input in many applications. Our resistive touch screens can be supplied with either a gloss or an antiglare finish. Resistive touchscreens are ideal for applications where the equipment is not used in harsh environments They can eliminate the need for keyboards and pointing devices.

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