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IP65/68 Industrial Keyboards and Vandal Resistant Keypads

In addition to our range of piezo keypads, KEYFLEX has a wide range of high quality, vandal resistant keypads (IP65/IP68 rated) input devices for use in industrial conditions or harsh outdoor environments, includingKeyboards Numeric and function keypads ATM PINPADs with DES/Triple DES encryptionAnd many types of industrial input/pointing devices

All of our range of professional products have options of integrated pointing devices such as touch pads, trackballs, mouse buttons and joysticks. Our range includes long and short travel keys, Metal-dome, Silicone Rubber, Stainless Steel vandal-proof and Flexible Membrane Keyboards.Custom engraving and logos can be applied on request on any of our vandal resistant keypads.

KEYFLEX can provide all your advanced industrial input devices. Keyflex Vandal Resistant Keypads and Keyboards are suitable for Finance, Aerospace (NVIS compliant), Chemicals/Petro, Food & Beverage, Medical/Healthcare, Telecom/Media, High Technology, Transportation-Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities & Resources, Pulp and Paper – Government/Defense/Military, Universities and Academia, Museums/Public Displays and industries where intense use and harsh environments prevail.For medical applications, our silicon keyboards are anti-microbial and IP68 sealed to withstand industrial cleaning and disinfectants.

Piezo Keypads

Utilising the piezoelectric effect, piezo keypads and switches have the advantage of no moving parts and complete sealing from the elements offering near indestructibility and >10 million operations for those extreme applications and environments.

We have a variety of off-the-shelf keys and keypads in various configurations

Single key illuminated/non-illuminated in Latching/Toggle/ Continuous pressure configuration

Front and rear mount 3×4/4×4/4×5/5×4 Alphanumeric keypads

Full size piezo keyboards

Security and Access control products with integrated RFID, Biometric, Magnetic stripe readers

Various output functionality -Weigand/ RS242/RS485/USB/PS2

Custom fascia design

Tactile vandal resistant switches and piezo switch catalogues can be downloaded below with technical details and ordering number systems

The switch function is based on the physical principal of Peizo effect. An external press force (increase decrease) activates a Peizo element that releases voltage utilized for switching (MosFet).

We offer three switching functions

  • Momentary – 6 sec. Pulse
  • Continuous – Circuit closed as long as switch is pressed
  • To – Switch changes position at each activation


  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Sealed metal surface
  • No moving parts
  • Prevent the need for maintenance
  • Versatile mechanical configuration
  • Water and dust proof – indoor and outdoor use
  • Indestructible vandal proof, easy to keep clean
  • Long life expectancy, no amotization, tested for 50 million cycles
  • Reduces service cost
  • Manufactured in any shape


  • Vending Machines
  • Lifts
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Public internet and information kiosks
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Medical equipment
  • Ticket dispensers
  • Point of Sale equipment
  • Safety and security
  • Mining equipment
  • Door entry systems

Technical Data

Rated Voltage: 0 – 24 V AC/DC

Rated Current: 0 – 0.200 Amps

Switch Resistance ‘ON’: < 10 Q Ohms

Switch Resistance ‘OFF’: > 5 Megaohms

Switch Capacitance: 25 pF

Actuation Force Typically: 3 – 5 N

Operation Temperature – 200C to +750C

(according to requirements): if requested -401C to 1250C

Cycles: >50 million

EMI or RFI Effect: none

Protection System: P68 according to IEC 529

LED: 5 V DC, -10 mA

Ring Illumination: 24 V DC, Im. 20 mA

Capacitive switches

Keyflex has introduced a range of capacitive switches that are available in a similar style to our piezo range. The capacitive range feature the same long life and vandal resistance as the piezo but with the added advantage of having less activation pressure.

Keypads and Keyboards

Utilising patented technology we offer a wide range of keypads and keyboards.We also offer standard keypads and keyboards.

Keypads: KBA 3 x 4 (43) 73 x 93 mm, KBF 4 x 4 93 x 93 mm, KBH 5 x 4 112 x 93 mm
Surface Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, brass
Interface: Open-Matrix, flat cable, pins

Keyboards: KB300 104 keys AT/PS2, KB5000 – Internet specialised keyboard, “Integrated IP68 Pointing Device”
Compatibility: PC
Surface Material: Aluminium

Our custom made keypads and keyboards range from minimal solutions of two keys per keypad to large keypads in various colours, designs and sizes with any software required.

Patented Piezo technology allows for extremely economical prototypes and short run series.

Some of the available options are:

  • Various colours, surface materials and sizes.
  • NO – N.C One shot functions as well as continuous and toggle.
  • Matrix Output Interface (RS232, RS485), or designed electronics.Integrated LED’s.
  • Cables and connectors to customer specifications.
  • Character marking can be laser engraved, pantograph and anodised printing.

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